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D Storage Shop


D Storage provides everything you need!

We make storage easy, so that you can focus on your business.

We understand that your stuff comes in all shapes and sizes.

Using the right packing materials will protect and maintain your goods whilst in storage. Our experienced staff can assist you with all your storage and packaging needs.


Our high quality carton boxes are designed to protect your home or business contents, perfect for moving and storing. Our boxes are made from recycled materials too.

Large Box

For large and bulky items including large linen, pillows, cushions, quilts, clothes, lampshades, pots and pans.

Small Box

For paperback books, crockery, glasses, electronic goods, ornaments and toys.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Corrugated board in rolls provides the easiest way to package and protect irregular items of different sizes and forms.

Bubble Wrap

The bubbles that provide the cushioning for fragile or sensitive objects are generally available in different sizes, depending on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed. Multiple layers might be needed to provide shock and vibration isolation.


Padlocks are detachable locking devices used to protect against unauthorized use, vandalism, and theft. They are designed to protect against some degree of surreptitious and forced entry.

Clear Tapes

Clear tape is a type of adhesive product that is common in many different settings. There are many things clear tape may be used for, including the repair of ripped paper, securing packaging and gift wrapping, among others. Clear tape can come in a variety styles, including simple clear tape and packing tape.